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  1. Mossberg 500AT Faulty Safety? Help Please!

    Shotgun Discussion
    Hello, I'm working on a buddy's Mossberg 500 AT Pump 12ga., 30+ years old. He claims that once a round is loaded in the chamber with the bolt closed, that as soon as he flips the safety off, the gun will fire immediately without a trigger pull. Very strange, i did a few dry runs of priming the...
  2. New Hornady TAP 12GA OO buck, Federal 12GA slugs, Hornaday 44 MAG and more

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    We just received Hornaday TAP 12GA OO buck, Federal 12GA slugs, Hornady 44 Mag, CCI/ Blazer .38 Special, Winchester Wildcat .22LR and more. Don't forget to register at out site to be entered in the December drawing for a free Paracord Survival bracelet.