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  1. General Gun Discussion
    I own a stevens model 301 20 gauge single shot, and i was wondering if it would be possible to swap the barrel of it for a 12 gauge alternative, and if it would be safe to shoot.
  2. Shotgun Discussion
    Hi guys, so im trying to figure out the feasability of a magazine loaded semi auto 12 gauge pistol. Im refering to the 1 3/4 rounds that have come out for home defense. I searched around and the only firearm i was able to locate that was magazine fed 12 gauge through the handle was the Mag7. But...
  3. Collectors Corner
    Hello this is my first post on this forum. I have a wall hanging 1889 side by side 12 gauge. As I said it a wall hanger but has been past down to me from my father and from his father and his father. This was knocked off of its hanger and broke the stock before I got it. I will never sell it...
  4. Shotgun Discussion
    I've been in the market for a good pump action 12 gauge for a while and I've narrowed my choices to 3. I will be buying the field version of each of the guns because I prefer a wooden stock. My first selection is a the winchester SXP I like the low recoil and that the pump slides back when you...
  5. Gun Related Pictures
    Just traded an old laptop of mine that I wasn't using and a printer to this Harrington & Richardson Topper Model 158, 12 gauge shotgun. It's a lot like my other, regular Topper model in that it takes both 2 3/4" and 3" magnum shells. It's a single shot, break action. This one has definitely...
  6. Shotgun Discussion
    i own a westernfield M550AD 12 Gauge Shotgun which i've been informed same comparison as a Mossberg 500 anyway i have a 2 3/4 30 inch full choke barrel which is just too long for me!!! wishing to buy a 18 1/2 barrel i have the following link below please any help or even more links can be...
  7. Shotgun Discussion
    i just purchased a pistol stock i read that this specific model i own is just as the Mossberg 500 soo i ordered this very mediocre with shotguns your advice is much appreciated thanks
  8. Shotgun Discussion
    Hi folks was wondering if anyone here might have any older beretta shotgun parts I really need only one small part,, I think its proper name is the The Cartridge latch button.. its the small square metal button you press to load the gun,, If you have one or if you might have something that might...
  9. Shotgun Discussion
    Hello, I am interested in finding out the year that my Western Field 550 ABR was made. It has the serial number C26406 (if that helps) It has a really nice wood stock. It has that "wavy" look to the grain that is so cool. I can't find a manual or much information online. I know that it is...
  10. Gun Related Pictures
    i need to add a few more but this is what i got done in one day. its a challenge! its my own version i guess.... lol
1-10 of 10 Results