Suggestion for a possible new topic
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    Default Suggestion for a possible new topic

    Considering that the AR is the most popular and widely owned platform here in our country - how about dedicating one forum topic to it? Personally, I build my own guns for new ones and I like to find old ones to restore. I still will build a few more AR's. After 4 more I will have covered the calibers and functions I want covered. 5.56/.223 is covered, 7.62x39 is almost ready with 2 parts to go (that is a pistol though so I will also build a carbine). .300 Blackout is the next project followed by an AR 10 .308. Then I will switch to building an AK 47 - maybe 2 of them.

    In an AR subsection, I will have extra parts to help others with. Might even have some AR parts to run as giveaways.

    It's an idea - it's OK if it gets shot down too.


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    Your suggestion will be taken under consideration.
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