EDIT & REPLY & QUOTE suggestion help
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Thread: EDIT & REPLY & QUOTE suggestion help

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    Default EDIT & REPLY & QUOTE suggestion help

    I have something to mention that might help some, or make posting life and habits
    a little better...when a forum platform has this such issue....

    Not trying to be over bearing or a smart *ss etc...but I do this and it seems a good
    way for me anyway if any want to try it...just trying to help, as this problem exists on
    many forums who have upgraded etc....


    You know as said when you first click EDIT....then need to GO to ADVANCED as said....or..even when you REPLY to a POST or REPLY with QUOTE etc....

    "Well...when you first click EDIT or REPLY (REPLY w.QUOTE also....instead of searching for "ADVANCED EDIT--"depending on some monitor resolutions or screen size...some have to move page up/down etc..."

    SIMPLY ....

    CLICK once more on what you just clicked....


    If you clicked your own post to EDIT...don't look for GO ADVANCED button..just click EDIT again...will bring up proper edit window same as GO ADVANCED etc...

    If you clicked REPLY or REPLY WITH QUOTE....simply click that again...as it will be right
    in front of you....same results as if you go and use the GO ADVANCED button.

    Try this. And hope it may help some.

    I may not be posting much for a while, but will be watching and enjoying
    and learning. If I have something important to contribute that isn't argumentitive,
    like this, I will.

    Be safe, shoot safe.

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    Thanks 1shot1k. I'm glad someone figured out how to do this. I have had problems editing and could not correct it. Mainly do to the auto correct on my iPad and not proof reading before hitting the button.

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    Thanks !shot I needed that. Glad your still here
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    That really helps those of us who never read the instructions. Thanks, 1shot.

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    Thanks 1Shot--I never thought of that.
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