Computer/AOL Issue?
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    Default Computer/AOL Issue?

    I know that AOL is not too popular anymore, but I'm kind of stuck with it because I'm not willing to adjust to something else. I already tried but didn't like the new formats and found myself (like a sucker stuck in the mud) going back to AOL, but this situation could be the last straw. Here it is: I've used blank AOL email letters to do spell checks in the past. It was easy to bring up by just clicking "write mail" on the tool bar. Then I would paste my yet to be submitted forum post on the AOL blank email for a quick and SIMPLE spell check. In the past it gave me instant results. Now out of no where, it take a good solid minute or two for the spell check to respond. Is this AOL busting balls and intentionally slowing down like ATT started doing recently with their computer phone services, or is it more likely to be something in my computer? I'm hoping that someone else can try pasting something on an AOL email and letting me know if it's spelling check responds immediately or if it hesitates and takes between 1 and 2 minutes like mine is now. This only happens when I copy and paste. The AOL spell check will work right away if I'm writing an ordinary email without copying and pasting, but I'm wondering what's behind all this, and why it doesn't it come up right away anymore. Now I'm using other free spell checkers, but they are a little more thorough with grammar, and word and sentence structure suggestions. I'm not interested in that because most forum talk is informal the way I'd talk in person. I don't need a check it like I would for a resume.Thanks for any assistance in this matter.

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    Wow. I thought AOL was a fossil, ergo, dead. :-))

    Truthfully, I'd be surprised if you get an answer because of how dated it is.

    I bet it's your computer, however, you never know. Some software you updated may be putting a drag on your system.

    That said, you may find that the newer browsers will give you what you need. I use Firefox and it has a built-in spell checker so that when I'm posting here on the forum, it points out my typos for me. You may wish to give it a try. Hopefully, your computer isn't too outdated or it may not work as well as you like.

    Which browser are you using?

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