Hey guys. Flaguns is down. We suffered a server crash that caused some damage. I have to do a full back up restore which is going to take some time. The forum should be back up by 10AM Today(11/18/07). I have made this a re-direct to let you know. This is another forum that I currently own and wanted to get you guys updated on whats going on.

When the website is up I will send a mass-email to all members letting them know the forum is back up. I want to apologize for the down time and hope you guys can maybe hang here untill its back up.

I am also going to fix some of the registering problems for those who have had trouble registering. There is going to be no need to enter a conformation code anymore to register. This might bring on some spammers but nothing a little moderation cant fix. ;)

P.S. My fellow members here can sure vouch for me, I dont let the forum go down more than 24 hours. :D