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Thread: copy paste

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    I'm done, Gnight,
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    Hey D Nickerson,

    You successfully posted the first two test videos. The last one however did not appear as a video since no tags were included. I took a screenshot of the 2nd test video in edit mode so you can see the tags you inserted on the ends:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Also, within Quick Reply, you can use the reel icon (next to insert image) to copy and paste the YouTube video URL within the window that appears like so:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    When you hit OK, it should appear like so:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    If you are still having issues with this, can you let us know the method you are using and what device/browser you are on? Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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