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Thread: Remington 1100 vs. Browning A-5

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    The big advantage the 11-87 has over the 1100 is the ability to fire both 2 3/4" and 3" shells. That alone is why I favor it over either of my 1100's.
    Other than the barrel I believe the two models are identical. The 1187 is also roughly $500 less to buy new and can be had in a walnut version as well.

    Personally, the stock design on the 1187 fits me better than the 1100, and the 1187 I own has an extra long length of pull which works better for me than almost all my other shotguns.
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    I used to shoot skeet competitively and my favorite was the Remington 1100 and I have fired many thousands of rounds. I also own 4 barrel .410, 28, 20 and 12 Ga over and under skeet set and I preferred the Remington 1100 and won several skeet shoots. I've had several and love them. I am also a duck hunter and have a 11-87 that I use for that and it is a great gun IMO. Many of my friends have bought the latest, fancy, supposedly lower recoil shotguns (and they probably are) but I still use my trusty 11-87 and being a 6-1, 195 pound guy, the difference in recoil (if there is any) is not an issue for me. Fact is, I enjoy out-shooting my hunting buddies with their fancy

    Bottom line, IMHO, both the 1100 and 11-87 are great guns and you will likely be happy with either. The 11-87 can be had with a more rust resistant finish and might be a better choice if you are going to use it in salt-water area. My 11-87 is used in the salt marsh almost exclusively and has NO rust....but.... I take good care of ALL of my guns.

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    As with a number of other gun related issues, I seem to be the odd man out....

    I love the Browning A5 and Remington Mod 11 design. I love the Boom shakalaka of the bolt and barrel slamming back and then forward. I can hit with them.

    In South Louisiana when I was a kid it was every aspiring duck hunters dream to finally own a Remington 1100. Not mine. I liked the A5 and Mod 11.

    For a lot of years an old beat up Mod 11 was my brackish water duck gun.

    Now, with all that said, I have never even once fired a Remington Model 1100. Never wanted to. The stamped parts just could not compare to the milled steel of the Browning and Mod 11.

    My FIL owns an 11-87. It's the only gun he owned. It was his duck gun and he gave it a workout. As far as I know he had no issues with it. He's not really a gun guy so cleaning was on the basic level. Still no issues.

    As I said earlier the 1100 is the go-to gun for thousands of LA duck hunters every year. Thousands of Coonasses aren't wrong when it comes to duck gumbo....

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    Always glad to get recommendations from folks with experience in the marshes of coastal Texas and Louisiana. This shotgun will probably be shot in the Golden Triangle and suburban Austin almost exclusively, with the occasional foray into Galveston County, College Station and the bayous around Morgan City.
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    I will stick with my 90 year old 12ga and 16ga. Browning A5's both were made in 1927 and 1929 respectively. They are the only auto loaders I have in the vault everything else is SxS or over/under. When I shoot at anything with either of them it normally breaks or dies. If it doesn't do one, or the other it is usually my fault. I still believe "Saint John M." was he greatest gun designer in history. But then, I'm a delicate antique what do I know.
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