Mossberg 590 M with short barrel for self defense (Germany)
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    Default Mossberg 590 M with short barrel for self defense (Germany)

    Dear Everybody,

    After introducing myself in "Introduction", I wannt to post my topic in the Shotgun subgroup. It is about self defense and the Mossberg 590 M.

    In Germany, the rules to own a gun are as follows: Gun/rifle needs to be permantly locked in a sturdy vault which is designed for that purpose. Also, the gun may not be stored loaded. This is being checked regularly and you should comply 100 % not to lose your permit/license.

    I did some research and started to like the Mossberg 590 M with shortbarrel for the self defense purpose. A 10 round magazine should be sufficent, but it is good to know that there are even bigger magazines. So the only thing to be done in that situation would be to open the vault, put the magazine in rifle, load and you are ready to go. I guess manually loading a shotgun wastes way too much time.

    When it comes to ammunition, I think this is a point to be discussed. U.S.folks recommend to use deady ammo to immediatelly stop the threat. I get that point as it has some advantages, but I think that it also has advantages to use less than deadly ammo. Why? As somebody who never killed or severely injured someone, I might hesitate too long before I shoot deadly ammo. Had I less than deadly ammo, I would shoot immediately once I see a stranger at night in my house. From a legal standpoint, in Germany, the use of deadly force is basically allowed, but seen critically by courts. For example, courts ask for a warning shot before the deadly shot comes. Maybe even trying to make the person go away with words, like shouting. So, while having deadly ammo, proper legal use makes things more complicated, because it involves more steps. Also, I don't see anyone continuing attacking after having received a bean bag/stone salt shot from a 12 gauge short range. There might be the option to load a first shot less than lethal and the next ones deadly ones. Anyone knows the most effective bean bag round?

    Maybe it was interesting for you to learn some facts about German gun laws and the general situation. Obviously, I joined this forum to get various opinions and find people who question my approach, so all opinions are welcome.

    Thanks already for your feedback!

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    Well a dead person can not sue you. And can not testify against you.
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    It's also part of the legal system in Germany that injured people get little money. Maybe you would get like 5-10 k USD for some "illegal" bean bag rounds. Not so much afraid of that. We also don't have those huge payments in civil law suits like in the US (like 100 millions for a coffee burn or stuff like that). Also, I am insured against this kind of stuff including lawyers fee. I would be more concerned about getting prison time for homicide as we don't have this generous stand your ground rule/law.

    Any objections against the Mossberg M290?

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    The Mossberg 590 is a very good shotgun Mossberg. The Mossberg 590M I'm very sure equals the 590 in being a very good shotgun. Mossberg produces the Shockwave line, within this production line they make a Shockwave with a magazine. Beginning of next year they will have a semi auto version of the Shockwave.

    Shells for home defense? I use number 7 bird shot and some use number 4 or 6. Yet I always have 00 Buck and slugs on hand. There are s few threads on this site discussing birdshot for home defense and if you get on you tube there is a lot of talk on this too.
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    mossberg builds a decent pump........but i do not care for the idea of a detach mag version.......and i care less about 10 rd capacity with the weight, balance, and bulk. i always thought 4 or five rds in a tube fed was plenty and balanced well without clutter or bulk and balanced well.

    if i was forced to keep an unloaded shotgun, it would be a SxS....probably a Stoger coach gun with double triggers.
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    i am not impressed with the less lethal option.......bean bag rounds are very short range and rather erratic at longer ranges when i trained with them....but i supose you could load a bean bag in one barrel and something more substantial in the other.........
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