Ejection system for mossberg shotgun.
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Thread: Ejection system for mossberg shotgun.

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    Default Ejection system for mossberg shotgun.

    Hi folks!
    I have a new invention about pump / lever actions. The invention minimizes feeding problems. How is it working? With a second nail (such as mossbergs) placed on the gun bolt, the springs and levers system is able to ejection with zero percent error. I have a drawing about it.
    What are your thoughts? Does it work? [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    I had my Mossberg for over 40 years its never failed. Not sure how much it can be improved,
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    Since when did Mossbergs have a reputation for ejection problems? You do know they have two extractors and one ejector, which works great? The ejector is a simple design and if it does happen to break its a real easy fix. The extractors are milled from bar stock. The only time I have see a problem with a good working Mossberg shotgun is with the mini shells. Mater of fact this is with most shotguns. Just they have an adaptor for Mossberg 500/590 to use the mini shells.
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