Fun day with the 1903 Colt .32, amongst others...
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    Default Fun day with the 1903 Colt .32, amongst others...

    Well, I decided it would be a good day to go to the ole firing range on the family farm. Just finishing up my last semester of summer classes at college, firing off some rounds at some used textbooks that the bookstore would not take back, gave me some much needed satisfaction.

    First up on the list of guns to be fired was my newly acquired 870 Express Synthetic 7-Round 12ga, that was my graduation present from the parents. After checking the function of the gun, right out of the box, I loaded up some light low brass 6 shot, and decided to see how it handled. All rounds functioned flawlessly, though I was surprised how quickly the shot spread (this being my first time shooting a Cyl. bore shotgun). The first textbook was torn to shreds by the 6 shot, with bits of pages flying everywhere like confetti. Then after shooting around 20 rounds of the low brass, it was time to load up some of the bad boys. I then shot 30 rounds of the Winchester plain ole' 00 buckshot. Me-1, Textbooks-0. Talk about some shoulder soreness, haha.

    After wearing out my shoulder with the 870, it was time to shoot my recently inherited 1903 Colt Pocket Hammerless .32. I have never been so excited to shoot a new pistol in my life. Since I was a kid, my father told me stories about my great grandfather and this pistol. My father always said that the gun was my GG's firearm of choice for "backroom" poker games, and was his exclusive carry pistol for his entire life. The gun was gritty, the blued finish was almost completely faded, and it needed the cleaning of a lifetime. Pulling it out on my range, and loading the clip full of FMJs, I pointed it downrange expecting either a catastrophic failure or at least a hang or jam after the first shot. I cocked it, then boom, the first shot fired right where I put it. The gun cycled and I fired again, and again, and again, etc... No jams, misfires, and it even managed to put the bullets in a pretty decent group (4" group at around 15 yards, not bad). I was excited to say the least, 50 rounds of FMJs and not one single problem.

    A great day at the range, no failures, jams, misfeeds, or problems of any kind, not even from the 103 year old Colt .32.
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    Hey thanks for the post, a family member of mine owns a Colt .32 like that, but he's never fired it. I should tell him to try it out.
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