Which .22 is more accurate?
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Thread: Which .22 is more accurate?

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    Default Which .22 is more accurate?

    1) New Taurus TX22 16+1

    2) Ruger MKIII 22/45 lite (with a boatload of Tandemkross aftermarket upgrades) and Holosun red dot

    3) Hi-Standard Sport King 100 Lightweight (circa 1955)

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    Well... I shot at 21' outdoors... 30 rds (fairly fast fire, two handed) using some copper-plated bulk hollow point and some standard velocity CCI LRN (same number in each gun)


    Triggers are great in all three

    The three white dots are a bit small on the Taurus sights (especially in low light... It was overcast outside and I was under the 3-sided pistol range building)

    The Holosun is easy on these old eyes

    The blade sight on the SK-100 is precise

    All these go where aimed... Each shoot better than me

    I'd need to put them on a rest to really see which is better

    Balance and grip, while different on each, is good on each

    If I had to choose 3 semi-auto .22s ... I'd choose these again

    My wife's Ruger SR22 didn't make the trip... But would give these a run for their money
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    The little Taurus did will against the longer barreled guns.
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    Looks to me like the Ruger put more inside or closer to the diamond than the others, with less flyers. All are pretty good pistols.

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    All three pistols are accurate, the inaccuracy comes from the guy behind the trigger.
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    I think the high standard will shoot the best from a rest and with practice.

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    Seems to me that the shooter performed best with the Ruger in this scenario; the group (pattern?) for the Ruger was smallest and centered up the best. However, I think the High Standard might have excelled if the ammo had remained consistent instead of mixed; you can almost see an upper and lower pattern with that target, whereas the Taurus and Ruger did not exhibit that tendency. Ay any rate, this tells us little about the guns, more about the shooter. And, since this was all done with fairly rapid shooting, it is pretty good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Scientist View Post
    All three pistols are accurate, the inaccuracy comes from the guy behind the trigger.
    Absolutely true!

    I hope to try with a rest someday and therefore obtain a more precise assessment.

    My shooting is not the best... But I have a ball with the competition between me, myself and I 🙂


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