ruger LCR with 32 s&w longs
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Thread: ruger LCR with 32 s&w longs

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    Default ruger LCR with 32 s&w longs

    50 rd course

    i debated what gun to use. The service revolver seemed like over-kill. Been shooting the hound out of the klcr magnum with 38's........but i decided to use the LCR 327......but with 32 s&w longs.

    the scoring was generous as in on such by the range master , but i still managed to keep everything within the nine ring....and had a purty fair size hole chewed out of the X ring.

    truly nice........plenty accurate and minimal recoil. It bucked more like a rimfire than a centerfire. I am slowly but surely getting more sold on the 32.....though i am no where near ready to abandon the 38 platform.

    i am definatly going to say the LCR 327 i am going to recommend to anyone who may be recoil shy, blast shy, or have hand strength problems.......the 32 s&w long loads are that mild....and the 32 H&r loads are softer on the hand than a std pressure mid range 125 grain 38 least to my "feel".

    think i will have a qual practice run with the 327 mag loads just to say i tried it....i did the same thing with the KLCR and 357's....only took one run to get that out of my system..

    but i believe that the 32 h&r magnum round is where i will eventually settle. its just so easy to manage and if the propaganda is correct its the equal to a std pressure 38 in power levels.

    i have been debating picking up a lever the question is?
    Marlin in 357/38
    Henry big boy in 327.....just to be different.

    have not run across much info about the henry and reliability with the Longs or the H&R load....
    the marlin seems more of a solid performer with 38's if one is picky about oal and bullet profile....

    decisions, decisions..........

    the simple answer is both......but that CA trip is going to bleed me dry especially when the family gets done at disneyland........i am out 4 new tires, radiator flush, and an oil change already...and we have not even left yet.
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    Now go find yourself an older K-32 Masterpiece in 32SWL.....
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