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Thread: Advice.

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    Default Advice.

    I am new to the gun world. In May I bought a LC9 for a pretty good price. After shooting it,'I decided I hated the trigger when at the range with a co-worker that brought his glock. After some research I decided to trade in my LC9 for an LC9S. Much better trigger. Also have not had an issue, not even once with any misfeeding or any type of feed errors like I did when practicing with snap caps and a few times in both trips to the range. So I do like the new trigger and the relaibilty I have so far with my LC9S. However it
    is a little snappy and my accuracy with it isn't that great even with a laser. So I was wondering if it is a good idea to maybe switch to a Glock 42 (.380) for my edc for now and switch to the LC9S after I Improve my skills or if j should just stick with the Ruger and keep practicing. Just wondered what seasoned gun owners think. Thank you for any responses. This is my first post so I am sorry if I did anything wrong.
    Thanks again,

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    I am not an expert, but I do know what others may say.

    TRY it before you buy it. Rent a few different at the range and then decide. Snappy to you is mild to me. A good grip to you may be uncomfortable to me. I would get some ideas here then go rent a few and then decide. You may notice that after 50 rounds, the Glock 42 is really a piece of garbage.......or maybe not.

    It can get expensive if you keep trading and buying to find the right one..

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    I carry a 15.8 oz Kahr CM40, if you want to talk about snappy! It's not a range gun. I bought it because of size, weight, and caliber. I had a S&W Bodyguard before this, and I hated that trigger, and it had a laser that did absolutely nothing for me except show me how I shook as I pulled that trigger the 1 1/2 miles before it broke. I sold it to my sister and got the Kahr. I really like the trigger on the Kahr, but it's striker fired. I think any hammer fired pistol will have that crappy trigger. Bottom line is it is not a range gun, but if I'm in a pickle, I know I have something that I can count on to stop the threat. I bought a range gun for the range, an AR 15!
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    I have the LC9s and can do 3 inch groups at 10 yards with it. For that size pistol that is to be expected. The gun you have is one of the best on the market. I don't find it snappier than any other gun that size and caliber.

    Before buying a different gun and lessening you stopping power, I would recommend you stick with that gun and practice. Increase your grip strength and work on the trigger control.

    There is an old saying that I have in my signature below.

    Pick one and practice.
    Training is for the times when TALENT are not enough!

    Pick One And Practice

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    But it was Professionals that built the Titanic.
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    I second the whole "pick one and practice" comment, and the rental stuff. Pick 1 gun that you like, and just practice with that a lot. After shooting 1 gun 1,000 times, it'll feel weird to actually shoot another one. I'd say just find one that fits your hand well, has a trigger you like, and that feels well balanced and just stick with that.

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    Default Greetings and Welcome to the Forum

    Yes I agree with the folks that said keep it AND PRACTICE. It's a compact 9 meant primarily for carry not for match grade target accuracy. I have the pro model without the safety and like it. I haven't put enough rounds through it to feel really comfortable carrying it but I am not sure if I'm going to try and pocket carry. My LCP is big enough for my pockets.
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    Kahr cm9 is my fav edc. Fits in my back pocket wallet holster. Shoots great at the range. Also have a summer cw380 whichbis also a pleasure to shoot at the range. The cm45 is the deep winter coat edc. Ya see, pistols are like women shoes. Have a pf9 which I may bury someplace. It actually hurts to shoot.

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    Mike, Great question, glad you are asking.

    I have a G42 and it is reliable and accurate as most Glock's are. I have a pocket holster and it's handy to grab and throw in my pocket and go. The disadvantages are the small round and small number of rounds in the mag. One solution is carry a second mag, which I do but it's sometimes inconvenient. Also, as a small pistol, it is not that fun to shoot. Most light pistols are not fun to shoot, for example the LCR pistols. However, if the LCR works for you, I wouldn't buy another pistol to get proficient and then go back to it as you suggested. I would either get proficient with it or sell it and get what you are comfortable with.

    Anyway, it's just one of several carry guns I own. I would recommend a 9 or a 40 cal in a larger framed pistol for three reasons:
    1) More effective round, 2) Higher capacity magazine, and 3) More fun to shoot which equates to more motivation to shoot which should equate to better proficiency.

    Hope this helps.

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    The Ruger is a great little carry gun in my opinion. The best advice has already been given here though. If you want to try another gun to carry try to rent it first and put 100 or so rounds down range. Every gun is different and every shooter is different. I gun you shoot well I might shoot poorly. I gun I love you might hate. The best carry gun if the one you shoot best and are the most comfortable will work best if you ever need it. Think as if your life depends on it because one day it might.

    My carry gun varies with my dress but is always either a XD subcompact in .40, a Kimber Super Carry Ultra + (most often carried), a 5 round sunbby .357 Mag, Kel-Tec P3AT when dressed in shorts and light tee shirt and on the rare occasion that we wear jackets in The Florida Keys a .40 FNX.

    One big factor you want to consider when choosing a carry gun is your dress. If you live in a shorts and tee shirt area you need a smaller gun. If you wear jackets and big shirts more often your options increase to bigger guns. No matter what our wives say, Size does matter.
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    If you don't need a small light concealable gun try a regular full size gun in general the more it weighs and the longer the barrel the less recoil and the more accurate it will be, please try a CZ 75b or sp01 in 9mm great guns beloved by literally everyone next on my to buy list after I get a rifle.


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