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    I am looking into purchasing a compact pistol. I'm not too concerned on the caliber and currently own a beretta 92FS 9mm. As much as I love this firearm it makes me lead towards buying the compact version for a concealed carry but I'm also looking into buying a compact 1911. I know Sig and Kimber make good models and I'd prefer a 4in barrel over 3. Price range would be max $1000 but preferably less

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    I would stay away from a Kimber. Two of our LGS have been sending brand new ones back, due to the finish coming off. The gunsmith I talked to said Kimber's finish is softer and more likely to be scratched and wear faster.

    If you go with a 1911, I suggest a Sig Sauer C3 1911 ......

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    Here would be a great choice right off of the top of my head. But there are many options here.

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