Gen 4 Glock: Why not to buy
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    Default Gen 4 Glock: Why not to buy

    My group and i recently tortured a gen 4 glock 17 and it was ugly. We really didn't even get to beat on it because it choked so fast that we went into "baby" mode trying to get it to work. Link below enjoy:

    Warning: Glock Fan Boys shield your eyes

    (link removed per board rules)
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    Sorry link disabled

    {link deleted per forum rules}

    load into youtube
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    Having a Glock malfunction would be a rare event indeed. Pretty rock solid handgun.

    I am not a fan of the Gen 4 version but only because the grip texture is too sharp and can be rough on the hands if you target shoot for any length of time.

    But I suppose if you are in law enforcement and wear gloves in cool weather that texture is a good thing.

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    Default is a thread of a ton of kabooms. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Most kabooms in a Glock are due to reloads, it even says in the owners manual Do Not Use Reloads. Or people just trying to destroy them on purpose to spread the myth that they are bad firearms...sound familiar. I personally don't care for the 4 Gen all because of the grip change out. Still a good firearm but its a personal reason, just like the locks on the S&W and other firearms. If Glock keeps listening to these whiners I see them losing their reputation. Don't fix whats not broken.

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