Ruger LCP II in 22 LR
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Thread: Ruger LCP II in 22 LR

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    Default Ruger LCP II in 22 LR

    just a little short article about such..... [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    i found this particular paragraph interesting........

    During range testing, I had upwards of 10 percent misfires while using the inexpensive "bulk pack" rimfire ammo from several manufacturers. Fortunately [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Velocitor and Mini Mag performed without issue through close to 300 rounds fired. Is this a condemnation of the Ruger or a treatise of the current state of inexpensive .22 LR ammo? My advice is is to use .22 LR ammo that comes in 50- and 100-round boxes, unless you're intending to test the slide wings and work on malfunction clearance techniques. Aside from misfires with the cheap stuff, I had no failures to feed, extract or eject with ammo that did fire and had no other issues with the pistol, save the occasional instance of bumping the slide catch, thereby keeping the slide from locking open on the last shot.
    interesting........i find that with 22 autos, i have less issues in general with the 22 ammo from 50 and 100 rd packaging.......and the most trust with CCI.

    bulk package econo boxes of 22 LR......i still think there is less quality control there or it is treated more roughly and with less care.....and that the ammo is more prone to failure compared to the small box carefully packaged versions.......including thunderbolt, Federal, etc.....
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    Ya I dont know what went on in his testing though I find great pleasure when shooting the CCI 22's then the other brands. Other brands I use to get misfires / dudes, failures to eject and sometimes load. Not a lot like I read. CCI is doing something right and I will only buy their product.
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    I don't know if it's necessarily due to the packaging rather than just the quality of the ammo overall. It's possible but during the "great obama .22 shortage" i bought a lot of different brands in 50-100 boxes and very few performed well in semi's and i have decent luck with the federal bulk packs. Very rarely a problem with mini mags. Other hotter ammo like yellow jackets, stingers and such always work good too.
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    CCI Mini Mags the only .22 LR ammo to use for a semi auto hand gun well and rifle these days that "Bulk" ammo only good for Lever actions, bolt actions, break action single shots and revolvers it is to unpredictable for a semi auto.....That is Just me by no means am I "Qualified as an Expert"
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