.22lr plinking/practice pistol
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Thread: .22lr plinking/practice pistol

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    Default .22lr plinking/practice pistol

    So for my next firearm I was looking to get a .22lr pistol. I know there's options out there like the Ruger 22/45 mrklll, Ruger sr22, S&W 22a and M&P 22, etc. etc. but I really want to know which one gets the best bang for your buck (pun not intended). It's mostly for plinking and practice I would like to hear everybody else's favorites and which one is really the best. Thank you

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    Default Ymmv

    There is no formula for calculating best value. It's all subjective. The most important thing is to evaluate your wants and needs and get the gun that closely matches your requirements.

    I have a 22/45.
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    I noticed you have listed primarily semiautos. But if you will bear with me, I'd like to offer another suggestion. A really fun plinking, practice, and even hunting gun called the Ruger New Model Single Six Convertible in .22LR & .22 mag. it is the most fun gun I have ever had. And of course, has an extra cylinder for the .22mag. They are accurate, well made, and did I mention fun? You can get them in either stainless steel or blued and a variety of barrel lengths.

    Ruger has been making them for many years and even though you can find cheaper firearms, you won't find any better. I've shot many a squirrel and other small game with mine also. Anyway, just a suggestion. If you still want to go with a semi auto, I really like the Ruger SR22. Shoots well. Never had a ftf in about 200 rounds of CCI and Winchester hollow points & solids, so far. Would be another good choice, although the Single-Six is more accurate in my opinion. Hope this helps?
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    I've got a Beretta Neos with a cheap Red Dot Sight mounted on it, that is a blast to shoot. Pretty accurate with a variety of ammo. Put over 700 rounds thru it with no issues. Not a pretty gun but it was cheap enough. Came with two mags and a rail for the sight. Been a while but I believe that the gun was 279.00 at Gander Mountain and the sight was 40.

    I'll also agree with Bushrat on the Ruger. Friend of mine has one that is a fine shooting gun.

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    I had a Neos and a 22/45, dumped them both in favor of a Browning Buckmark Hunter.
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    I have found that 22lr are always unreliable mainly because of the ammo. Now if you buy premium ammo for the gun which is reliable then you are spending almost as much as 9mm and then I would just rather shoot 9mm.

    That being said, I would also look to match you training needs. What kind of gun do you carry? If you carry a 1911 then buy a 1911/22. If it is an M&P then buy a M&P 22.

    The simple fact is you should consider these things, but if you just want to have fun then I would consider the Ruger Mark ll or mark lll and if you budget can afford it the Browning High Standard.

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    I only own one 22lr hand gun, Browning Buckmark. I don't see any reason to own another. Fit and finish are second to none and it's beautiful to boot.

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    I have a ruger SR .22 and it's a great little gun. Fits my hand perfect and is very accurate out to 10 yds. Don't think i have shot it much past that. I have a ruger mark III as well but i have yet to shoot it. The ruger mark series and browning buckmarks have a reputation for being some of the most accurate and reliable .22 handguns out there. Sig mosquito is another that comes to mind as being a great little gun.....just do what many of us do, buy one of each and have fun!!
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    I have a S&W 22A and it's a fine gun. More accurate than I am. However it will not shoot Federal Auto Match target grade ammo. Stovepipes and FTFs galore. Eats everything else I've thrown at it including some cheap European stuff.

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    Ruger 22/45 Lite - I like it - BUT - It only wants CCI Mini Mag ammo which seems to be mostly unavailable or over priced

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