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Thread: AR10 build

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    Default AR10 build

    I'm back! Anyways, with the upcoming election and the chances of having a socialist, criminal, or a hothead as our president, i'm looking to finally build my SHTF collection. (should have done it way sooner) After a long thought process, iv'e come to the decision that my main rifle will be an AR10, most likely chambered in .308 due to availability. Almost everyone that owns a gun has a 308 and some ammo stashed around. I'm looking for some feedback on design, optics, barrel lengths, even ammo selection. If you have any links to something that will fit what i'm looking for i would greatly appreciate it. If it is NOT NY compliant that is OK. I will be shipping to a local FFL who said as long as it is shipped to him, he can make the modifications i need to be legal before turning it over into my possession.

    Here's my "requirements".

    • Short AOL (no longer than 30" preferred)
    • Long range capabilities (<1MOA)
    • Light weight
    • Total cost of no more that ~$1000
    • Must use Thordsen stock (i'm in NY) until my exemption comes through (complicated, FFL)
    • Must have a full length top rail
    • Optic of some kind (possibly a smaller optic with a flip up magnifier)

    I have a decent amount of money to play around with. Once my "exemption" from the safe act comes through i will be switching to a lightweight stock and pistol grip. I will also be picking up a slide-fire stock, just to have it. Also, does anyone have experience reloading .308, and an estimate of how much it will cost per round?

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    The combination of bullet points 1,2 & 4 make what you're trying to achieve a pretty tall order.
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