FR-8 Range report: Happy. :)

Brass, steel, cheap, 'spensive, it ate it all. Accuracy isn't what I'd want for driving tacks, but I suspect that's a combination of the rough-n-ready sights, new-to-me rifle, and my aging eyes. That said, first time outing with a new (to me) rifle, 3 MOA at 100 yards over iron sights - that'll do. :D I'll probably get it drilled and tapped for a 'scope anyway.

Recoil is robust, but well within reason - In line with the M1A, My sixteen year old daughter gave it a try, and even with her being a south-paw, managed it nicely enough. A bit too much rifle for her tastes, but tolerable. Ejection is clean, and not too vigorous. Brass comes away in prime reloadable condition - No dings or kinks. Firing pin strike is solid and centered, neither too deep nor too shallow. I'll need to work the bolt in a bit - It's not as smooth as I'd like.

Over all, just what I was looking for - A full-power, handy, general-purpose rifle. Thanks y'all for your time and input!