An AK-47 Build...
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    Default An AK-47 Build...

    I wanted to build a fixed stock AK-47, but the only kit I could find was an underfolder kit. The kit has no receiver or backplate, and I was wondering if I could buy a fixed stock receiver and then put a fixed stock on it, or does the trunnion decide what kind of stock it will except. Also, what do you think of the underfolder stock?


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    I own a WASR 10 Underfolder and I LOVE it. Not just like it, I LOVE it. With a scope it will actually deliver a 1 MOA 3 shot group at 100 yds with Silver Bear ammo. Because there's no scope-mount side plate on an Underfolder, I installed a UTG Tri-Rail top cover, and I replaced the factory wood handguard with a Tapco Intrafuse handguard. The accessory options are endless. Right now it has a red dot reflex sight on the Tri-Rail and a combination tactical LED flashlight - red laser unit on the handguard. Also a verticle foregrip under the handguard. When it's really hungry, I feed it from a 75 round drum magazine. And through it all, I can still clearly see and use the iron sights if needed. And of course, it also takes a very wicked Bowie-blade bayonet.

    It's a little heavier than a fully pimped-out AR15 platform, but that's OK since it's a .30 caliber weapon and a little extra weight serves to stabilize when firing fast. With the stock folded, it is compact and very handy - easy to maneuver around doors and hallways. With the stock extended it is an adequately stable platform for more patient situations. NO, you're not going to get a target style cheek weld with the metal stock, and NO there aren't a lot of recoil pads to choose from that don't negate the folding feature, and I couldn't care less. It only took a little practice to get used to, and I'm happy with it. it wasn't meant to be a target rifle. This is a most formidable fighting weapon especially for CQB and urban situations out to about 200 yards. Since I are a city boy, that works for me. If I were out in the country hunting game, I would swap the light, laser and reflex sight for the compact 3x-9x X 42mm illuminated reticle scope I had on it before. With the Tri-Rail topcover and Tapco handguard I have 5 picatinny rails to choose from, nothing is more versatile or flexible for use at home, school and office.

    This baby looks like it was issued by the Klingon Empire. Few weapons at any price have the visual presence this rifle has. I think it would give Chucky Schumer and Diane Feinstein apoplexy if they saw it. By all means, get an Underfolder. The cool-factor is off the chart.

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    Thanks to much for all that helpful information. I am definetly going to get an Underolder now! Thanks!


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