Feminist self destruction....
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Thread: Feminist self destruction....

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    Default Feminist self destruction....

    The epitomy of Feminist rule, Sweden. They're setting up their own destruction. Covering it up. This is sad.
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    Part of this brand of feminism is that the women cannot rely on their men to protect them, and cannot rely on each other for safety. Men who speak out against the criminals become instant Nazis. Men wanting to protect their women are instant chauvinists. Any woman who would openly oppose this state of affairs would be a traitor to the Left. Corrosive nihilism at its core.
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    You reap what you sow .... maybe someday the women in Sweden will come to realize this .... unless they like living in the Rape capitol of Europe ? , but after a Liberal Lobotomy they probably don't have much of a thought process left .
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