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    Quote Originally Posted by coonkiller View Post
    hey man, i wasnt asking you to write my paper for me, i was mearly asking for some ideas
    I didn't mean to imply that you were.

    I meant the Thesis Statement. If you have a thesis statement in mind, or a more specific topic it would be helpful in the search. Like C-D-P said, you could write a 5 page paper on any number of 2nd Amendment topics.

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    I'm very sorry guys, i didnt mean to upset or insult any of you. believe me, thats the last thing i want. my teacher said that it was a research paper about our topic and we could include recent cases and how it affected americans if it was changed. other than that he left it open-ended
    as for my name, i live in SD so naturally i dispach small vermin every once and a while...last summer i found some rather unorthodox ways of killing racoons. not because i wanted to, i either didnt have a gun, or my dogs were in danger....lets just say it included my everyday pocket knife, and a hammer

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    I really don't know how a simple request for info got so turned around. You don't owe anyone here an apology. You asked a legitimate question. Sorry for any confusion. Hope you stick around and learn more.
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    Coonkiller: I'd stay away from the argument "Is gun-control anti-constitutional" or something like that. For a 5pg paper, it's a bit too "basic", at least in a college level class.

    I'd consider doing something regarding what the founding fathers meant when they wrote the Bill of Rights, including 2A, using, in part (you should have multiple sources) the website that Phiya linked.

    Consider looking at another amendment like 1A or 4A, or anything else that SCOTUS has ruled has had "exceptions" and compare them to the "exceptions" put into place for 4A.

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    Agreed Gun, and I am sorry if I helped fan the fire.
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    My suggestion would be to select a specific part of the Heller decision. For example, what the it means that the 2nd amendment has been ruled to be an individual right. For source material, I would suggest of course the actual brief; here is an official link to it:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Also, you'll need other resources. One I would suggest is a book recently published by Alan Korwin:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Good luck! and let us know how it turns out.

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