Ohio Keeps Some Road Side Rests Posted
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    Default Ohio Keeps Some Road Side Rests Posted

    I received this from Stephen Wenger and thought it was a good idea to pass it along.

    Ohio Balks on Rest-Stop Carry: … For a brief background, when SB184 went into law on September 9, one of the changes was that government owned buildings used "primarily as a shelter, restroom, parking facility for motor vehicles, or rest facility" are no longer places where a person with a CHL is banned from carrying their concealed firearm. This covers rest stops… In late October, an email began circulating by someone claiming ODOT was taking all the signs down. However, despite false claims to the contrary, the situation had not been completely resolved, which is why there are still signs up at some facilities…

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    I sure wouldn't go into one without a gun or the Marines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
    I sure wouldn't go into one without a gun or the Marines.
    What do you have against the Marines to make them go someplace so horrible?

    If you ever drive from Dallas to Houston, there are some places where its better to pee in the bushes than in those festering stink holes

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    I'll bet that if it had been legalm and then made illegal, the signs would have gone UP in record time.

    Good for the Ohioans for Conceal Carry for making the government obey its own *#%*$ laws.
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    Inasmuch as most of what goes on at "highway rest stops" relates to drug dealing, unplanned body dumping and anonymous homosexual encounters, you won't find me at one of those places anyway.


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