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    Seraph, might want to read a little more throughout this forum. ANY kind of ban begets more such banning. We know from experience that antis will start with EBRs (evil black rifles) and work their way toward all semi-autos of certain capacity, then to all semi-autos, then, who knows.

    Please, I am not trying to berate or offend you, but you need to better understand the ways of the antis where it concerns gun control. I have a 25+ page document taken from Hangun Control, Inc. in the very early 1990s that sets forth their agenda. So far, they are right on target, given the 8-yr hiatus they had to take throughout the Bush administration.
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    Mr. Obama is a real gun grabber. If you are not already a member of the NRA and value your 2nd amendment rights. Join. ASAP.

    And we all have to do anything we can to protect our rights.

    That's why I started a thread here about a new "Grass Roots Campaign" etc.

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