Clinton's Holiday Party, a wake...
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Thread: Clinton's Holiday Party, a wake...

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    Default Clinton's Holiday Party, a wake...

    Notice one thing here. Cheryl Mills was not there. I haven't seen her, or heard of her in any of these gatherings lately. I think Cheryl is one smart cookie. In the hackings, her emails were extremely against Hillary's email server (when she found out). I'm thinking Cheryl knows she came close to getting burned. Doesn't want to have anything to do with these idiots anymore.
    Hannity goes over much of what we know already.
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    Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

    Now the whiny, shrill, mean-spirited, lying wonder candidate

    is blaming "fake news" on her loss.

    Funny, "fake news" didn't seem to bother her, when she was using it in her favor.

    The entire MSM fake news-ed it through the election, even predicting a Hillary

    landslide as she was clearly losing, election night. I don't hear any loud cries of

    "foul", from the Clinton camp, about that.

    The main reason she lost is because she is, and acts like, a loser.

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    If I could I would hire a plane to fly around The Witch s' penthouse with a banner "Congratulations on your stupid fumbling campaign !!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Northtidesix View Post
    If I could I would hire a plane to fly around The Witch s' penthouse with a banner "Congratulations on your stupid fumbling campaign !!"
    I would pay into that kick starter :p but seriously with all this pissing and moaning it does make me worried that when the nazi party takes the whitehouse back its going to stay nazi.

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    I agree Arctic, this is America's last gasp.
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    " You reap what you sew "
    I am glad she lost. I do wish more would be made about the numerous issues we all know here...from server legality issues, Pay/Play, DNC crimes against the Ignorant but HONEST Sanders...and on and on...she is by all accounts as recently shown, in very questionable health, past SServ. talkers have shown she drinks to excess of not knowing where she is....etc...etc...I feel she will pay, as surely as I feel I will continue to pay for things I have done in my past.
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    Hillary pandered to the "identity politics" groups (black, latino, Illegal Immigrant and sympathizers, and LGBT) and to the Special Interest groups (Coastal Elites) and not only shunned but scolded and ignored 60+ percent of the electorate, that being White lower and middle class American citizens. It wasn't just the "deplorables" she insulted. She called Republicans her "enemies".

    You really know how to endear yourself to American's, Hillary. That might be a clue as to why you were such a despicable, arrogant and repulsive candidate. Gee, you still wonder where the votes went? Here's a hint: It wasn't Poooootin! It wuz you, you rotten, despicable, murderous pig. May the ghosts of Benghazi and Libya reside with you for the rest of your miserable life.
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