Family with Down's Syndrome Child meets McCain & Palin
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    Default Family with Down's Syndrome Child meets McCain & Palin

    Article and pics on Rush Limbaugh website.

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    Pretty cool story.
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    No doubt in my mind they are the real deal....

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    Thanks for sharing the link Glock27Bill. That is a very uplifting story and speaks volumes about McCain and Palin's character.

    As I mentioned in another thread, my very good friend has a Down's syndrome son who is now a Freshman at High School. They are normally Dems but very centrist in their thinking (closet Repubs) but are now thoroughly in the McCain/Palin camp. The instant connection via the shared experiences have brought them together as if they were participating in the same support group. The choice of Palin as the VP candidate was sheer brilliance.
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    Not only was it brilliant, but it was a very good choice. Tactics or not, she is a very good choice. I'd vote for her for president if she were running.


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