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Thread: Virginia Is Ground Zero in the War over Gun Control

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popeye View Post
    I am not at all versed in VA laws. That being said, would recall petitions be out of order? They are a legal and peaceful way of removing elected politicians.

    I mentioned several days ago that i thought it was odd there was no mention of recalls yet. Didn't they do this in CO when they just had the magazine restriction law?
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    I would agree with you kilted, though I feel the time to have stopped them was long gone. Every other state just sat back and watch CA, NY, IL, CT, MA, etc enact extreme un Constitutional and illegal firearm control laws. People in other states even said, bout those mentioned states, they get what they deserve, they voted those guys in now deal with it, its their loss, fk them, or tell the people in those states to simply move its easy. Long with internet firearm accessory dealers, internet firearm sellers, and such saying they wont sell or deal with those states. Even the NRA pretty much just sat back, though they made an attempt like throwing in a crumb here n there. No big effort on the NRAs part, I saw this in CT and NY.

    I've said this many years ago that it will not stop to just these states and will happen in others. I was told with sarcasm that it would never happen in other states. Well, hows that going GA, FLA, TX, PA, NV, etc its starting to happen there and as we see now VA being hit hard. Only hope to save our 2A Right, and possibly the Constitution itself, is with the scotus now.

    To everyone. Not saying give up the fight. Stand make your voice be heard. Go to rallies, write to the papers opinion page, take people who know nothing bout firearms to the range (don't force them lol), inform them on true firearm stats - not the lies n half truths. Go to the hearings, speak at the hearings, submit your speech to the assembly at the hearings. Support the local groups like the VCDL and the CCDL. Do what you feel is right and Constitutional. Many through out the nation have stood in defiance by not complying.
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    "Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power, have in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny..." - T.Jefferson

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