Trump signs the bill that ought to ensure his re-election
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Thread: Trump signs the bill that ought to ensure his re-election

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    Default Trump signs the bill that ought to ensure his re-election

    Thomas Lifson
    January 2, 2020

    There is an excellent reason why the media largely are ignoring the bill that President Trump signed on Monday: when voters hear about it, they will want to vote for him out of sheer gratitude.

    Simply put, one of the most annoying aspects of life at home, robocalls, are now subject to federal legal sanction. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    This bill implements a forfeiture penalty for violations (with or without intent) of the prohibition on certain robocalls. The bill also removes an annual reporting requirement for enforcement relating to unsolicited facsimile advertisements.

    The bill requires voice service providers to develop call authentication technologies.

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) shall promulgate rules establishing when a provider may block a voice call based on information provided by the call authentication framework, but also must establish a process to permit a calling party adversely affected by the framework to verify the authenticity of their calls. The FCC shall also initiate a rulemaking to help protect a subscriber from receiving unwanted calls or texts from a caller using an unauthenticated number.

    This bill requires the Department of Justice and the FCC to assemble an interagency working group to study and report to Congress on the enforcement of the prohibition of certain robocalls. Specifically, the working group will look into how to better enforce against robocalls by examining issues like the types of laws, policies, or constraints that could be inhibiting enforcement.

    The bill requires the FCC to initiate a proceeding to determine whether its policies regarding access to number resources could be modified to help reduce access to numbers by potential robocall violators.

    Thanks, President Trump! You've got my vote.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    Death to all telemarketers!
    I HATE those calls.

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    But, like criminals they are, many of these robocalls outfits will ignore any laws against them, after all, many of them are not in the USA and, therefore, immune to our laws.

    The world community should get together and strike back at those robocall outfits, but, when you consider that this will require an action by the UN, I do not see it happens anytime soon, the UN is to busy attempting to force Socialism down to all its members to preoccupy itself with what they consider a minor problem.
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