Why Michelle Obama may jump into the race
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Thread: Why Michelle Obama may jump into the race

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    Default Why Michelle Obama may jump into the race

    Peter Skurkiss
    November 29, 2019

    Although it's far from a lead pipe cinch, a plausible case to be made that the former First Lady Michelle Obama may enter the Democrat primary race. There are three reasons for believing this.

    First and most obvious is the current field of contenders for the Democrat nomination. As has often been said, they resemble occupants in a clown car that tumble out together for their periodic debates. The emotion that they instill in the general public is not one of enthusiasm but fear. The most seemingly stable among the Democrat field is former Vice-President Joe Biden. But Slow Joe is terminally plagued with a cloud of corruption hanging over his head. This cloud can only grow thicker as more information of Biden's corrupt dealings in China and Ukraine come out. Joe also shows early signs of dementia which doesn't help his case. Although Biden is said to lead in national polls, his candidacy has the stench of political death about it.

    Second, the only Democrat of national stature is former president Barrack Obama. Bill Clinton has been so discredited that he's radioactive to his party. His wife, crooked Hillary, is not far behind hubby in that regard. So, Obama's the man. And what has Obama said about the current field of contenders? He said he couldn't support Crazy Bernie, openly opined that Biden can't connect with votes, and has shown no enthusiasm for any of the other candidates. This leaves the Democrats essentially leaderless.

    For those reason, Michael Bloomberg, a one-time Republican, has stepped into the vacuum. Unfortunately for him, the former New York City mayor has zero charisma and is wrong on issues important to the general voting public. His entry into the primary race appears to be a vanity fueled pipe dream more than anything else, and he'll soon learn that his money can't buy him love ... or votes.

    Third and perhaps most importantly is the support President Trump has among blacks and Hispanics. It is stronger than any other Republican has had in recent memory. This has set the Democrats' teeth on edge. A high visibility black here and there like Candance Owens escaping the Democrat Plantation of Dependency is one thing. But a mass prison break to freedom is something else entirely. It would shake the Democrat Party to its core

    Although Democrats are in denial about the erosion of minority support for them, it is nonetheless true. This really shouldn't be a surprise given how the strong Trump economy has benefited minorities. This contrasts sharply with the decades of neglect and empty promises from Democrats. Plus, the Democrats collectively are on the wrong side of minorities when it comes to issues like school choice, the LGBT agenda, and radical abortion rights.

    To have any chance nationally, the Democrats do not just need minority support, their candidate must overwhelmingly capture the black and Hispanic vote. None of the leading Democrat candidates is up to that task --- not the homosexual from South Bend, not the fake Indian from Massachusetts, and not Crazy Bernie. Biden sort of comes the closest, but he'll flop for the reasons mentioned above.

    This is where Michelle Obama comes in. She addresses each of these three concerns. She stands out positively compare to the Democrat field which is admittedly a low hurdle. Michelle would have Barack's full support. And finally, party elders would view her as having at least a chance of stemming a widespread defection of blacks to President Trump ... although not so much with Latinos.

    None of this is to say that Michelle Obama will enter the primaries, let alone win the nomination. If she has half the smarts that she thinks she has, she'll stay out, realizing that 2020 is not a Democrat year. And if Michelle does enter the race, it will soon dawn on her just how pathetically unprepared she is. But given the hand the Democrats have to play, they just might be tempted to throw a Hail Mary pass with Michelle as their standard-bearer. After all, one in a thousand Hail Mary passes succeed. Just ask [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    Michelle O-hole hated her time in the White House, and has said she isn't interested in running for POTUS. So I think the Dems pipe dream of her stepping up and running is just wishful thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Scientist View Post
    Michelle O-hole hated her time in the White House, and has said she isn't interested in running for POTUS. So I think the Dems pipe dream of her stepping up and running is just wishful thinking.
    Do not ever believe what they say, they all say that they will never run. 100% never run, then 6 months later throw their hat in the ring.
    She is the one I fear most. They say she is the most admired woman in the world. Why I have no idea, what has she done ? what has she accomplished? Nothing that I can think of.
    She is the trifecta. Black, Liberal, Woman.
    The only good thing is she will be running against Trump.
    He is not afraid to get down and dirty with a woman opponent as many of the other politicians are afraid to do.
    Moochelle would be very good at getting out the vote for the left.
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    The Dems do want a woman. Hillary will "save" them.


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