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Thread: California passes same-day voter registration, rigging elections even bluer

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    The DemocRATic party wrote the book on “voter fraud”. No surprise here. You will see more and more of this voter corruption as the next 13 months pass closer to Election Day.
    Yeah, I'm one of those gun carrying, bible clinging conservatives that President Obama was talking about.
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    I have a question . When I go vote , when I go in the voting booth and push the button on the electronic machine , what happens to my vote, as in where does it ro or should I say how is it accounted for and who is in charge of it ? Because sometimes I do have the feeling that I cannot trut them .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popeye View Post
    It is already spreading and will soon be in your state... if it isn't already there.
    Yes, and, if we allowed this corruption to continue, Socialist will win and no more GOP candidates will have a chance!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yosemite Sam View Post
    As long as it doesn't spread. California is hopeless.
    It spreads like California wildfire. I just ordered a new Ram 3500. The only engines are "50 state certified" - in other words, California smog control on my Oklahoma pick up. When's the last time you were able to find a gas can on the store shelves that wasn't CARB certified? That's why you can hardly fill your mower and the can lasts about 2 fills before you have to replace it.

    And, of course, hard-core, constitutionalist, conservative states like Idaho, Montana, Texas, all turning blue because wealthy Californians have had enough of the BS in California so they move to red states and then vote like they did in California.
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    Bluer? I suspect there is a reason the Pacific Ocean is Blue.
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