Did We Learn the Lesson of 9/11?
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Thread: Did We Learn the Lesson of 9/11?

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    Default Did We Learn the Lesson of 9/11?

    Ben Shapiro
    Sep 11, 2019

    It's now been nearly a full generation since Sept. 11, 2001. There are people currently serving in the U.S. military who weren't born when that act of evil took place -- and the military still has thousands of troops in Afghanistan, the home base of the Taliban-supported al Qaida attack on the United States that took nearly 3,000 American lives.

    With time comes forgetfulness. The same period of time has now elapsed since Sept. 11 that elapsed between the end of World War I (1918) and the German re-occupation of the Rhineland in contravention of the Treaty of Versailles (1936). Believing that World War I had ended all war, the Allied powers did nothing. That same year, Germany concluded its Axis alliance with Italy, as well as its Anti-Comintern Pact with Japan. Less than three years later, the world would be at war.

    Forgetfulness is easy, because immediate costs are painful and steep. American foreign policy nearly always vacillates between two poles: isolationism and reactive interventionism. The American people (correctly) don't like the consequences of isolationism -- increased attacks on America and her allies, maximization of influence by our enemies -- but we also dislike (correctly) the consequences of maintaining a global military presence. It was easy to tear into the Clinton administration's weakness on defense in the aftermath of the Cold War, but there was almost no political cost in it for Clinton at the time. The sepia glow of media coverage regarding Barack Obama hasn't been darkened by his single-minded quest to minimize American influence around the world.

    But every so often, we're reminded that the world is filled with enemies.

    We were reminded of that unfortunate fact this week when President Trump withdrew an apparently secret invitation to the Taliban to visit Camp David. The Taliban was, is and will remain an Islamic terror group; it has continuously sought the murder of American soldiers and citizens for two decades. Why would the Trump administration think it a good idea to sign an agreement with radicals who seek to overthrow the administration of Afghanistan, support terrorism and despise the United States? Do members of the administration truly believe that any agreement signed by the Taliban will be binding?

    The answer, of course, is no. That's why the talks fell apart, according to The New York Times -- a response from inside the administration in the aftermath of a terror attack on American soldiers this week, a recognition of the obvious.

    The problem, of course, is that there are no easy solutions when it comes to foreign policy in the worst parts of the world. Everyone of good heart wants American soldiers out of Afghanistan and home. But how many Americans are willing to risk the increase in terrorism likely to follow such a withdrawal?

    So long as we remember 9/11, the answer will be: very few.

    Now, perhaps we should withdraw from Afghanistan. Perhaps the withdrawal is worth the risk. But American history isn't replete with circumstances in which precipitous withdrawal is followed by peace and security.

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    I did agreed at the time that we needed to go to Afghanistan and get rid of that nest of terrorist, them we needed to make sure that those same terrorist did not emerged again, in other words, we needed ti go to that country do the job then get out and let those peoples run their own country! WE SHOULD HAVE NEVER GO INTO IRAQ. There only were 2 reason for us to get into Iraq, first one was that Bush the son wanted to show "daddy" that he could do it, and second Cheney wanted control of Iraq oil fields.
    The result of these misguided plans was the complete chaos that now run in the middle east.
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    Go further back; we never should have let the Shah fall
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    Did We Learn the Lesson of 9/11?

    apparently not,, look who we now have in Congress,not to mention what we're putting up with the left, Antifah, etc...
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    Let's see I need a safe ID or passport to board an in-country airline flight but can walk across the boarder. Have we learned anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitasc Shooter View Post
    Go further back; we never should have let the Shah fall

    You aren't kidding there. I think the world would be really different.

    People of Iran under the Shah
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    People in iran now.

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