Why are we negotiating with The Taliban
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Thread: Why are we negotiating with The Taliban

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    Laughing Why are we negotiating with The Taliban

    I really don’t know why we are having peace talks with the Taliban. Shouldn’t we be eliminating them from the face of the earth?
    Then these terrorists felt that they could bully us and get some leverage by killing more Americans. To me, this seems like they believe our peace talks are out of weakness rather than strength.
    So now we canceled the talks because obviously they haven’t learned that we do mean business and they are on the loosing side of this. That requires that we demonstrate that we are more than serious, we are deadly serious. This has to be done swiftly and decisively with great fury. I think that this should be an elimination level retaliation. Obviously they don’t want peace but we tried.

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    IMHO, the "peace talks" were 100% politically driven to pacify the pacifists. O-hole tried it to negotiate with them and failed. Trump was smart enough to unleash the military and let allah deal with them. Now, Trump should let the military finish the job and turn the rest of them over to allah and the 72 virgins.
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    Why not talk?
    Heck I remember when that PLO piece of crap Arafat was invited to Camp David for peace talks, media saw no problem with that.
    We should always keep the lines of communication open with the enemy.
    After over two decades of this crap show we need to get out of there.
    If the Afghan government can't stand on their own without our military support, they never will be able to.
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    The U.S. should have left after the battle of Tora Bora when the taliban was defeated, but the U.S. State department took over with their "Nation building and winning hearts and minds ". and "no shoot" ROE.

    War is too important to be left to politicians and bureaucrats.

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    We should absolutely be negotiating with the Taliban. We negotiated with the Germans and the Japanese. We negotiated with the Soviet Union and the GDR. The options are fight or negotiate - or some combination but it is always negotiation that stops the fighting.

    Afghanis are Muslim. The Taliban are nothing more than the same. The Afghan people choose Islam and, therefore, choose the Taliban. Even in the EU and in the US, Muslims choose Sharia and neighborhood versions of the Taliban.

    So why do we care to eliminate the Taliban? All we want to do is get out of there and try to leave the elected government some chance of survival. If there's any consideration that you're right and we shouldn't be negotiating with them it is only in that one reasonable choice is to just get up and get out, leaving the Afghanis to choose their own future. If they don't want that future then quit being Muslims and fight to end the oppression that is Islam. There are a lot more of them who are not jihadists than those who are. And the Jihadists are killing them at a 100 times greater rate than they're killing us. Let the Afghanis fight their own fight.
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