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    Default Fred and the 2A

    Straght from FDT himself.

    Got to love the guy!

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    A New York State of Mind
    Posted on August 21st, 2007
    By Fred in Commentaries, Second Amendment

    When I was working in television, I spent quite a bit of time in New York City. There are lots of things about the place I like, but New York gun laws don’t fall in that category.

    Anybody who knows me knows I’ve always cared deeply about the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. So I’ve always felt sort of relieved when I flew back home to where that particular civil liberty gets as much respect as the rest of the Bill of Rights.

    Unfortunately, New York is trying, again, to force its ways on the rest of us, this time through the courts. First, they went after U.S. gun manufacturers, seeking through a lawsuit not only money but injunctive control over the entire industry. An act of congress in 2005 blocked, but did not end, that effort.

    Now, the same activist federal judge from Brooklyn who provided Mayor Giuliani’s administration with the legal ruling it sought to sue gun makers, has done it again. Last week, he created a bizarre justification to allow New York City to sue out-of-state gun stores that sold guns that somehow ended up in criminal hands in the Big Apple.

    The lawsuit has been a lesson in out-of-control government from the get-go. Mayor Bloomberg sent private investigators to make “straw” purchases – illegally buying guns for somebody else. According to the ATF, NY’s illegal “stings” interfered with ongoing investigations of real gun traffickers.

    Obviously, New York won’t get much cash out of the few dozen shops being sued in Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia; so the purpose can only be political. Some of those sued have already buckled under the financial strain of legal defense and agreed to live by New York City rules.

    Ironically, all of this comes at a time of historically low violent crime rates and historically high gun ownership rates nationally. States where it is legal to carry guns are also at an all-time high, up to 40 from 10 in 1987 by NRA reckoning.

    While this attack by New York City on the Second Amendment reinforces the importance of appointing judges who apply the law as written, there is another important legal point. Federalism, though usually seen as a protection of the states from the federal government, actually grew out of the need to protect states from other states that interfered in free commerce beyond their borders – as New York is doing today. In this case, we need Federalism to protect states from a big bully in New York City.

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    Mike Barham

    Default Re: Fred and the 2A

    And where is Mr. Thompson's position paper on the First Amendment, which is just as important as the Second, yet is one he thinks should be infringed with McCain-Feingold?

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    Default Re: Fred and the 2A

    One must take a long hard look at the candidates at hand.

    Most of the Republicans that are running as Republicans are liberal to moderate in their thinking. I am only considering the ones that appear to hold the most votes. Rudy and Romney vote solid anti-gun although they may be good leaders. You can expect the second amendment to be at the bottom of their list of things to do.

    Fred on the other hand is popular also and is a very strong second amendment candidate. Sure he many have sided with others when he should not have. But then all the others have too. Is McCain-Feingold a tie breaker issue for you? He is a solid conservative and that's where the Republican Party needs to be.

    Put Fred in office and he may not have to make compromises to get others to support his stuff in Congress. You will find all who serve in Congress can be scanned for items to toss out to the press to attempt to demonize their Presidential Potential.

    Gun owners must think about their voting decision carefully and try to support and select the candidate that will best protect and restore our second amendment rights as well as dovetail most of the remainder of each of our personal agendas! You will never get 100% of what you seek in your leader, if you get 80% you are doing well. In my humble opinion.

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    Default Re: Fred and the 2A

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Barham
    And where is Mr. Thompson's position paper on the First Amendment, which is just as important as the Second, yet is one he thinks should be infringed with McCain-Feingold?

    You're not going to find a perfect candidate. It is very difficult to find someone you agree with 100% of the time. I've been voting since 1986, and I've yet to find a candidate that I agree with 100% of the time.

    You take the field of those who are running and you support the one that best matches your key issues. I don't like McCain (or his crappy law), but Fred's the best man in the race right now with the greatest chance of defeating Guiliani and Clinton.

    He's got my vote. He's right on the second, and he's quite conservative on most issues.


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