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Thread: OSHA......

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    Default OSHA......

    Well, I guess just about everyone here has heard that OSHA has a proposal to all but shut the ammo business down. It has been all over NRA and Packing.Org. the last few days.

    I just learned that Hillary, Obama, and Ted Kennedy are all on the OSHA board...imagine that.

    With that being said, it would seem to me that with an election year coming up that if they enacted some sort of rule that would close hundreds of businesses, cost millions of dollars, and put God knows how many people across the country out of work, it would be political suicide.

    I wonder if the anti-gunners are testing the water or if they are seriously thinking of doing something so incredibly stupid regardless of the outcome.

    Do the politicians really think we aren't paying attention??? Do they really think we are stupid and don't know what's going on??

    What do y'all think....do ya think they'll do it, or do the pro-gunners have enough leverage in the political arena to stand our ground?

    I swear, During the 50's and 60's we lived with the threat of communist Russia every day. Most of us never dreamed that once that came to an end we would have to worry about COMMUNIST Washington DC.

    The policitians in Washington have done their best to alleviate God in this country and have come a long way in doing so, if they succeed in doing away with guns we will truly be Communist, the very thing the 2nd was meant to defeat.

    I'm done now.

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    Default Re: OSHA......

    Just another low life attempt by the antis to eliminate 2A.

    I have a better idea, PUNISH CRIMINALS!!! :twisted:
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    Default Re: OSHA......

    If we punished criminals there wouldn't be any Pollaticians.
    No I'm not a real Gynocologist,
    but I'd be happy to have a look at it for you.

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    Default Re: OSHA......

    I dont know how Ted Kennedy keeps getting re-elected? What has he done that was worth anything? I dont get it.

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    Default Re: OSHA......

    Quote Originally Posted by red-rider
    I don't know how Ted Kennedy keeps getting re-elected? What has he done that was worth anything? I don't get it.
    I agree, never could figure out why voters would continue to back him after all the publicity about his private life and his socialist views. Totally opposite thinking of his brothers John and Bobby back in the 1960'.

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