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Thread: Presidential Theories

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popeye View Post

    You make a very good case. You only make one (vital) mistake. WE (the US voting populace) are to blame. We eschew independent thought for feel good pablum. We believe what we are told without question. We feel. We do not think. We have allowed ourselves to become fatified, lazified and stupefied. We've done it to ourselves. These elites you speak of have merely taken advantage of our disconnect from reality.

    The election of Trump, with all of his flaws, may be a stirring of revolt against what we've become. I hope so.

    But, then again, fat, lazy and stupid is comfortable. Reality sucks.
    I agree 100%. Americans are the most propagandized people on Earth.

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    And damned proud of it, too!

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