Brewster Memorial Ride
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Thread: Brewster Memorial Ride

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    Default Brewster Memorial Ride

    Hey all,
    To start off, my name is Daniel Gershuny and I am the son of Michael Gershuny, also known as Brewster on here.

    I know he hadn't been posting much as of the past year or so, but I do know that he was on this forum near-daily for the past several years before that. In fact, he is the one who sparked my personal interest in firearms, the reason I made an account on here although almost exclusively as a lurker, and worked for a gun rights non-profit. Hell, more than once we talked about heading to the east coast one of these years for a hog hunt hosted by a member on here, BangBang.

    Unfortunately though, in May this year, he unexpectedly passed away from heart failure. In the months since he has passed, my brother and I both decided we should honor our father in a way he would appreciate, and considering his love for motorcycles and traveling, figured a cross country trip on a pair of bikes would be incredibly fitting.

    We're currently in Seattle and we'll be circling the country, passing through most every state along the way. If he ever helped you, or you just enjoyed the posts he made, we'd love to stop by and have a beer if any of you are interested.

    The plan is to leave late March and travel around for a few months, so post on here if you want us to drop by and we'll keep it in mind when we pass through your state!

    Also, if you're interested in donating to our trip, we have a GoFundMe account where you can easily do that as well, at
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    On the bright side, he would've loved to see Trump win that race. Hopefully the libs back off against gun rights now.

    Anyway, thanks for the support everyone!
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    Hello Daniel, I want to say I and my family are sad for your loss and wish condolences. I have only returned here recently being off line much also due to health. I have been hoping to hear from old members like your wonderful father. I know I miss chatting with him. My dad was an old Georgia Baptist preacher, but I grew up with a Jewish best friend. Your Dad and I had many enjoyable posts here, as others did with him also. His wit was sharp as his humor. I recall his recounts of walking at night, while watching for bears etc. ..I recall him talking of his own father, and important things he did when called upon, as to helping others. Yes, I dont get out much anymore, but if yall pass through Fort Worth, Texas..I'll have a beer and BBQ with you at our historic Stock Yard location. I wish you all safety and again, I am sad. I will include him in my prayers tonight. I promise. God bless.
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    'Tis good to hear from son of Brewster.

    The loss of your father diminishes all of us.
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