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    Quote Originally Posted by Mears View Post
    Beat fire with fire. Women be quoting scripture at you? Quote it back and close the door.

    Yet she increased her whoring, remembering the days of her youth, when she played the whore in the land of Egypt and lusted after her paramours there, whose members were like those of donkeys, and whose issue was like that of horses. (Ezekiel 23:19, 20 ESV)

    And started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wag View Post
    As a former Mormon, I can assure you I know ALL about it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


    I don't think I NEED to say it but I'll say it anyway. Keep this thread civil or it'll be locked! :-)
    I heard something very similar to that from a guy I served with who was Mormon. In short he and his wife reached a status in the church where they were allowed access to meetings, or whatever ya call it, that normal members of the congregation weren't. After a few weeks or months he said that every time he prayed for guidance of the things he was witnessing, he felt what he said seemed to be the presence of pure evil. I may be butchering the way he said it. It was a long time ago.

    Soon after he left the church, then eventually became atheist.

    I am sure that no one will misunderstand me. I am not calling Mormons evil. I only know very little about them. So little that I can not form an opinion of them. So I, much like Wag, view them the same as I view any other religion.
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    We have JW's come to our door about once a month. My wife is a Christian and always is very cordial to them. They give her a few pamphlets, read a Bible passage, then leave. When my wife was in the hospital, they were visibly upset and asked if they could pray for her, which was brief and heartfelt. They've never tried to convert us or sell us anything. I respect their dedication to their calling as I believe it stems from their genuine concern for the direction our society is heading these days. One of my neighbors has put a rather large sign on his lawn specifically indicating they should peddle their wares elsewhere. I respect his right to this also.

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    My wife is LDS, she has a brother who is also LDS and a sister who is not, we also have many nieces and nephews, some are still on their mission, cousins, aunts and uncles who are LDS. I have a brother who is/was LDS and a sister in law who is Jehova Witness. Most all of our neighbors are LDS. We visit or are visited by them all and religion is never "pushed" by any of them.
    I guess it must be by location, we are seldom bothered by "salesmen" .
    FWIW, I am not affiliated with any religion, much like my voting , I prefer to remain open minded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewster View Post
    I treat all the snake oil salesmen the same, whatever religion they are selling. Hereabouts we are just as likely to get democrats or environmental loonies as Witnesses or Mormons, but they are all religious nuts with slightly different religions. I listen to them for about ten seconds and then say "No thanks" and close the door. Keep an eye until they are clear of the fence without causing mayhem or littering. They never come back, but there are always more loons where these came from.
    That's usually what I do. But... being the eldest son of a Southern Baptist minister and having at one time memorized the Bible, if I am feeling bored when they come knocking I will engage in debate. They leave frustrated and with spinning heads.
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    Nice dogs Jay. Unfortunately, mine is an adorable little pit bull mix that attracts weirdos, not keeps them at a distance.

    Well I'm happy to report that I missed them. Being an early spring here in New England, I was working in the yard and was in and out of the basement or stacking firewood from a recent delivery when they came. I either didn't hear the bell or they saw me outside and decided to spare me the spiel. Not too busy to leave me some pamphlets behind though. I am an atheist and generally anti-organized religion but try to live my life according to "live and let live" guidelines. Leaving this junk in my door jamb really should be illegal though. I"ll never be the type to make a big stink and call the police or the sponsoring churches to complain but It really is offensive on some level. Do they honestly think I'm some monster/sinner who needs saving? Never mind, that's another debate for another time, or forum.
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    Well put, Wag.

    To all the other posters, congrats on keeping this thread clean and civil. Conversations on Religion and/or Politics seldom work like this.
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    I be as nice as possible.

    If that doesn't work, I start getting undressed They usually leave abruptly then.

    Oh well, there went the clean thread.
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    Tell them I think Rick Santorum is the anti-christ.

    That usually does it.

    I believe in God.
    I don't believe in religion


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    Coincidentally, we got a visit yesterday afternoon. I saw the cars park and the believers fan out. They rang the doorbell, I continued what I was doing. They went away.

    All in all a positive outcome.

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