A long time ago at the Mid-Winter Nationals i was shooting next to a young competitor.

He was Mr. Perfect
He dressed like he was going to church.
When he opened his gun box everything shined.
His gun was spotless and every shot he took he wiped off the gun
His ammo, all head stamps faced in the same direction, glittering in the sun.
When he picked up his brass he wiped every case and put them in order, head stamp in one direction in the ammo box.
The range officer gave him countless warning about his too much time.

He looked over at me and my home built gun/box and said nothing but his eyes said, what a pig..

When we were shooting 50 yd slow fire he held that gun up so long, putting it down, wiping it and again up for that perfect shot.

When we went down range to score he looked at my target and said, WOW! I never seen such a good target like that.
I looked at him, GOOD! Thatís my worst target.
You had me a nerves wreck shooting next to you.
Holding your gun up and down so long, wiping it, spotting targets up and down the line.

Didnít you ever watch the WINCHESTER 73 movie.