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Thread: Gnat Shooting - a fun way to raise money

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    40+ yards at 45mph - most don't hit it
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    I could never hit anything flying when I was young. Scare out a flock of black birds and just shoot into the cloud, nothing. Pheasants, partridge, they all got off scott free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitasc Shooter View Post
    40+ yards at 45mph - most don't hit it
    Yeah, I was thinking those "gnats" looked pretty quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iaboy View Post
    That looks fun as hell. Surprised the shots don't tear up the RC's more though.....
    I was thinking the same thing but maybe the bottom was made of some sort of metal? That would explain the launcher, maybe it's too heavy to take off under it's own power but can fly once in the air.
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