Memorial Day
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Thread: Memorial Day

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    Default Memorial Day

    Take time to remember all those who gave everything for our freedom.
    Not just the warriors of the 20th- 21st century, but all the way back to the Revolutionary War.
    These men died for us and I will never forget their sacrifice.
    Freedom is a God given right, but it does not seem to be a natural state.
    It looks like it has to be defended at all times to remain.

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    I have posted this here before. It seems fitting to me that I post it again here and now.


    I remember.

    I remember the men who froze at Valley Forge, the men who broke Lord Cornwallace and established this country by force of arms. I remember the men of the Alamo who chose to die rather than surrender our flag. I remember the men who avenged their deaths and drove Santa Anna back across the Rio Grande. I remember Gettysburg when brother fought brother in defense of the ideal that all men are created equal. I remember the Doughboys who fought the Kaiser in the disease filled trenches of Europe. I remember the men of the Big Red One who fought in not one, but two world wars.

    I remember.

    I remember the men on Omaha Beach. I remember the men at Normandy. I remember the men who were surrounded at Ramagen. I remember the reply to the German Panzer officer who offered terms of surrender. I remember the men of Patton’s army who did the impossible. I remember the men who fought in North Africa. I remember the men in the flying fortresses. I remember the Tuskegee Airmen, red tails, who fought not only the Germans, but prejudice with the same class, determination, and professionalism.

    I remember.

    I remember the men of the USS Arizona, men whose ship became their tomb. I remember the defenders of Midway. I remember the US Army nurses in the Philippines who chose to stay with the men who could not be evacuated even though they knew it meant certain capture by the Japanese. I remember the Code Talkers. I remember the men who were marched to death in Batan. I remember the men of the Enola Gay. I remember the men of the USS Indianapolis.

    I remember.

    I remember the men who pushed back to the 38th Parallel and then stopped and held the line there because that is what they were told to do. I remember the men and women who served aboard ship during the blockade of Cuba, when the world stood on the edge of the abyss. I remember that they looked into the eyes of the four horsemen and did not blink.

    I remember.

    I remember Cam Rhan Bay, Phu Cat, An Khe, Phan Thiet, LZ North English. I remember Tuy Hoa, Bong Son, and Pleiku. I remember The A-shau Valley, the valley of death. I remember the men of the 75th Rangers, Company C. Charlie Rangers, and the men and women who fought the unpopular war. I remember Cambodia, Nha Trang, and Dalat

    I remember.

    I remember the men who were held in Iran and those who gave their lives trying to save them. I remember the men who stormed Grenada. I remember the men and women of Desert Storm One and Two, I remember the soldiers in Basra, and Somalia. I remember Tora-Bora and the hunt for a coward. I remember Seal Team Six who found him.

    I remember.

    I remember that as I write this, American men and women are putting themselves in harms way in service to their country. In service to you and me. I salute them and wish them Gods speed back home to their families and loved ones.

    I do remember.

    Do you?

    For you Americans who will go to sleep tonight, free from fear of tyranny and oppression, secure in the knowledge that we live in a country where everyone has recourse to the rule of law that guides us. Blessed with liberty and replete with freedoms guaranteed by the very documents that declare this nation. It is altogether fitting that you take this day to remember with honor the men and women whose lives and service bought you your safety, your security, and your freedom.

    Thom McEwen
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    remember their families as well
    Beware the fury of a patient man

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    Let's also remember all the Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen who "fought the peace", between wars. GIs die and are seriously injured every month, in peacetime, due to training accidents and work hazards.
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    I lost family in the revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam - they weren't all direct - most were cousins, uncles, etc; but they were all family. My dad, USN WWII, is buried in Beaufort National in SC. Walking among the others, especially the MA 54 glorified in the move Glory, is simply astounding.............there is something almost surreal among the old live oaks, the 150+ year old headstones - many with a name only, many with a regiment only and no name.
    My dad had a piper; it was a somber, yet awesome, experience.

    If you have never visited a National Cemetery, let alone one like this - DO SO; you will have an experience unlike any other - and you will come to realize exactly what these folks went through, what they suffered, and grow a new appreciation for all of the old folks who struggle to stand at for the flag at every chance.............but do it anyway.

    RIP all those served...............and we DO remember you.... My flag will fly at my house tomorrow...........proudly.
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