Walt Kowalski
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Thread: Walt Kowalski

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    Default Walt Kowalski

    I watched for the third time, the movie “ Grand Torino” the other nite. It keeps popping into my mind since then. I get the messages in this movie. He’s from a different generation. He doesn’t understand too much about how the world is changing, nor does he care to. He’s very traditional and set in his ways but there’s still room for acceptance to a degree. He can fix just about anything mechanical. He believes a man has to do manly things and the best thing that ever happened to him is that a woman who was much better than himself married him. He’s a working man and is very self reliant. He also believes that sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.
    In short I can identify with Walt. I think a lot of us here can identify with Walt.
    I wish I had that Clint Eastwood scowl!
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    That would make a great pic for a host of anti-lib memes!
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    Be like Walt.

    "Great genius will always encounter fierce opposition from mediocre minds." --Albert Einstein.

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