Security Cameras and stuff.....
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Thread: Security Cameras and stuff.....

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    Default Security Cameras and stuff.....

    I have been looking at security cameras and systems recently and, my goodness, the info that is out there. I have been looking at Nest, Ring, Arlo and cannot decide it it's worth the money and fees......which one may be better?

    Anyone have any experience with these, or others, and would like to share?

    I live in apartment and just wanted something. I do not want it "spying" on me (us), just want some security. I was also thinking about window alarm and motion detection.

    I do not want to pay a monitoring company, just something I can manage myself.

    Any thoughts?

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    I am a ditto head. I listen to Rush almost daily on my drive to work. He touts a system called Simply Safe. It is wireless and completely customizable according to him. I've never looked into it and it is a sponsor of the show so take it with a grain of salt, but it would be worth a look at least. Best I can do.
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    I have a bunch of these scattered around, like 8. There are cheaper ones. Sricam is the best of these low end cameras, IMO.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Then I have an old laptop with this installed, it's free.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    You can do a lot with this program. Set it for motion detection, select the area you want monitored, schedule, lots of stuff. I have my laptop setup so I use my cameras as windows, I can see what's going on in the neighbor hood, even though my blinds are all closed, right from my easy chair. I set the for motion detection at night, nothing gets by me! Then I have OneDrive cloud storage, videos are immediately uploaded to the internet. Someone could steal my laptop, delete all the files, but the can still be recovered from OneDrive recycle bin. I can view files on my phone from anywhere. You can view the camera live from your phone from anywhere with an app, most of them. I have some different brands that I can't get to when I'm away fro my router, even though they say you can. Sricams do with the app. You can expand easily just buying another $35 camera and adding it to iSpy.

    It works for me. Power glitches can throw the settings off, and you have to add them again, but it's a simple procedure if you get cameras with Onvif. I've thought about a complete system, but most of those cameras out stationary, there is not pan and tilt. I can run these cameras remotely.
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    I use a couple of Arlo cameras and haven't had any problem with them. They are probably overkill for an apartment though. I also have Simply Safe system installed but don't use their monitoring.
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    I have both Arlo and Nest. I like the nest. The Arlo cameras use batteries and changing them is expensive and bothersome. I don't have the service with ether of them. They will let me know if someone is setting off the motion sensors and record it for a short time. I can even take a screen shot if I see something I don't like. You can talk through the Next camera too. My wife checks on the dog from her office. I have one over my gun safe. If anyone goes into the room it's in, I'll know. There are four Arlo cameras in different places in my house. I have an elderly Mom in law living with us and if we go over to the neighbors or out to the store for an hour, we can check on her.
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