A major New York police union declares open war on Mayor de Blasio
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Thread: A major New York police union declares open war on Mayor de Blasio

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    Default A major New York police union declares open war on Mayor de Blasio

    Andrea Widburg
    February 10, 2020

    Five years ago, two police officers were murdered in Brooklyn, and the New York City police blamed Mayor Bill de Blasio for fomenting an atmosphere in which police murder was acceptable. This past weekend, although thankfully no one was killed, a man twice attempted to assassinate police officers in New York City. This time, the Sergeants Benevolent Association says this is war — not with the criminals, but with the mayor.

    One of the most striking images from the first year of Bill de Blasio's mayoralty was the scene at the funeral for Wenjian Liu. Liu and his partner Rafael Ramos were killed in an ambush. Police officers blamed de Blasio's constant anti-police, pro–Black Lives Matter rhetoric for creating an atmosphere so hostile to police that murder was inevitable. At Liu's funeral, in January 2015, when de Blasio began his eulogy, many of the assembled police officers turned their backs on him:

    In the intervening years, as the Black Lives Matter furor died down, the New York cops and Mayor de Blasio entered into an uneasy truce. That all ended over the weekend, when one man, believed to be Robert Williams, twice attempted to assassinate New York City police.

    The first effort was Saturday night, when the suspect approached a patrol car and, after asking for directions, shot into the car, wounding one officer. The next morning, a person police believe was the same man walked into a precinct and fired several rounds in the lobby, wounding one person. After the wounded officer unsuccessfully returned fire, the suspect shot into a full room, mercifully missing everyone. Only after he ran out of bullets did the suspect lie down and surrender.

    President Trump immediately blamed de Blasio's pro-criminal policies for the attempted carnage:

    De Blasio did not take responsibility for what happened in New York. Instead, he sent out a generic set of political tweets, first praising the officers and then rendering them almost irrelevant by saying the attacks were actually against all New Yorkers:

    The Sergeants Benevolent Association, rather than feeling supported, was enraged and volleyed back with scorching tweets "declaring war" on de Blasio, openly denying him respect, banning him from hospital visits, and accusing him of selling the police out to the criminals:

    The twitterati, which trends Left, responded by excoriating the police for being thin-skinned and psychotic:

    Members of the thin blue line are human and subject to human foibles. However, the vast majority are men and women who have willingly taken on a job that can put them at great risk in order to preserve the very thin veneer separating civilization from savagery. While those who dehumanize them may have the short-lived satisfaction of seeing police suffer, those who lived in New York in the 1970s should remember the city's despair and decay,and work with the police to return law and order to the city.

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    Between coumo and de blasio NYC and possibly many other places in NY will resort back to some old advertisements...

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    One way to fight this DeBlasio idiot would be by having all the members of his police provided escort call in sick every time he wants to go somewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by friendof2nd View Post
    One way to fight this DeBlasio idiot would be by having all the members of his police provided escort call in sick every time he wants to go somewhere.

    Or wait until DeBlasio travels to a seedy area under heavy police guard, then the police leave and leave DeBlasio standing alone unguarded.
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    I wonder if this turd still is telling his kid to be afraid of the cops because he is half black.
    This guy isn't good enough to shine NYPD's shoes.

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    Saw Guiliani comment on this. Even said Bloomberg did good on crime. But this guy? No...
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