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Thread: Teen dies after being accidentally shot in the eye by family friend with a BB-gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corderbo View Post
    Before I was a per-teenager, I was taught to never point a gun (of any kind) at anything I didn't want to kill. We did not bring loaded guns into the house and were taught to leave unloaded guns on the rear covered porch. When I was a teenager and attending high school in my home town, it was very common to find several rifles inside of pickups hanging on a couple of hooks across the rear window. I do not recall any kind of an accidental shooting up until I joined the Navy when I was 17. We were taught that a gun is not a toy but rather a tool and to handle it properly. I don't think that is the case anymore.

    The problem, now days, resides in the fact that the left has manage to make the handling of a gun a taboo issue, therefore, there is no training our schools on gun safety because the left has make it very difficult for school to do such training.
    In addition, there seem to be more "snowflakes", "safe room dwellers", etc., becoming parents, and these people WILL NOT teach guns safety to their children because they themselves are terrified to look at guns.

    The left is instrument in the helping raising a crop of cowards in this country.
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    Actually, I was never taught anything about guns in school as I was already completely trained about them before I ever went to any school by my parents and relatives. It was just our way of life. I taught my son the same rules and he is a fair shot and knows gun safety but he has never touched a gun in 30 years as far as I know and he doesn't dislike guns, he just doesn't think that he needs one, It is a shame that a lot of parents today do not teach their children about guns so that if they ever need to use one and be safe with it, they will be at a distinct disadvantage.
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    The home training is a double edged blade. A huge segment of our population has no idea what a gun does, or how it does it. The problems on the shooting range bears evidence to that fact. I have no idea how many times I have heard the words "Well my uncle told me .....". Which is why I always recommend training in an NRA instructors classroom. It beats the hell out of some student shooter looking down the barrel wondering why it didn't go bang after he/she pulled the trigger.
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    Gun handling takes common sense. That is why the left is so afraid of guns and does not understand.
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    Medical mishaps kill people too. Very little info coming out, wonder if they botched something trying to operate.

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