Ross Perot, Billionaire and Former Presidential Candidate, Dead at 89
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Thread: Ross Perot, Billionaire and Former Presidential Candidate, Dead at 89

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    Default Ross Perot, Billionaire and Former Presidential Candidate, Dead at 89

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    I liked his campaign. I think he would have been a good president.
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    IMHO, Perot pretty much got Clinton elected President.
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    I agree with both of you, he just ran in the wrong election.
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    He would have been better off running against Goldwater in 64 if he would have been old enough - thaqt's about as good a chance as he had.
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    Eventually, we're all allowed to finish. R.I.P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Scientist View Post
    IMHO, Perot pretty much got Clinton elected President.
    He did a great job splitting the conservative vote that put Witless Willie in office. I have no opinion on his potential as a president. I do know he was a heck of a wedge on votes I believe he got about 19% of the conservatives to vote for him. .
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    During his campaign he spoke a lot about political coruption in the U.S. Other than that he didn't say a lot about where he stood on other issues except NAFTA. When asked about gun control he did say that he favored more gun control. I don't blame him entirely for Clintons winning the election. Bush ran a very weak campaign and that in combination with Perot's run for the Whitehouse was what put Clinton in.

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    He split the conservative vote and gave us 3 decades of the rot that is Bill and Hillary.

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    he is indeed an example of 3rd party influence over an election.........personally i think we need a viable strong contender 3rd party in all elections year in/year out......not just a strong 3rd party contender to pop up on the radar to muck things up every few decades.....

    Trump did it the right way......a 3rd party candidate in sheep's clothing that seized the moment and took over the republican nomination........thank-goodness.

    if Trump would had gone rogue and went 3rd party, then history would had repeated itself.

    Perot was just a more civilized version of Trump.

    the socialists are currently doing the same thing to the democrat party........trying to get control of the party instead of forming their own independent run.
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