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Thread: Ross Perot, Billionaire and Former Presidential Candidate, Dead at 89

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    Personally, I think we need to completely disband BOTH the R & D parties and have many parties where they actually stand for whatever they believe in - socialists, communists, christian fundamentalists, greenies, nazis, whatever. At least THEN you could vote for the party that held beliefs in line with yours.

    I remember when Nader was running as a green party guy. Wouldn't vote for him, BUT I RESPECTED the fact that he was running purely on his convictions and what he truly believed in; unlike EVERY R & D (Reagan excluded) in the last 150 years.
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    RIP Mr. Perot. You certainly did shake things up for a decade.
    The difference between a Socialist and a Communist is that the Socialist doesn't have all the guns yet.

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    You can say what you want about Perot, but he was a true patriot and loved this country and our warriors.
    Remember when he personally paid for that rescue attempt for his boys who were stuck in Iran.
    Did not go well but how may other CEO's do you know who would have tried something that gutsy?
    I will remember him for the patriot that he was and for all his philanthropy

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    A great american.
    amazing business man.

    And a fun drinking buddy.

    I'll miss his crazy ass.

    There is something charming about the sound of bullets-----George Washington

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