having failure to extract problems
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    Default having failure to extract problems

    hello everyone sorry if this has been asked before. i have been searching everywhere but cant find a direct answer for my specific question. so ok, the very first pistol i bought is a 9mm tuarus pt111 millenium pro, jan 2014 will put the purchase at 10yrs ago. for the most part it has been put/locked up for the first 8 yrs or so, strickly a tool for home defense. as my kids have grown older ive been teaching them safty, care, maintenace & propr use. we've been going out to the range w/it for the last couple yrs. now its only had about 500-600 rounds through it w/no probs, after the last time i brought it home to clean it like always & i noticed the magazine was getting pretty dirty so i took it apart cleaned it up put it back together & now its giving me problems. sometimes during the ejection the casing will get caught in the slide (stove pipe) sometimes the empty case will remain chambered, not ejected at all, & sometimes when cycling dummy rounds a round will come out of the chamber without a forcble ejection & the next round will push it to the side causing it to get jammed (bullet forward, primer side rearward) in the ejection port jamming the slide open almost looks like a double feed ...sorry hard to explain...never any problems before i cleaned the mag. fyi i am 31 yrs old i have been shooting since i was 4 or 5 yrs old im very familiar with firearms, but this is actually the first time i've ever disassembled & reassembled a pistol magazine so its probably something i did, but i can assure that its not a limp wristing issue, or anything like that. if anyone has any advise i would appreciate it. thank you in advance

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    Howdy and welcome---- That said, this forum is to say hello and tell us a little about yourself. You will get better and more responses if you post the problem down in the semi-auto forum Good,experienced people here.
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    Has it been stored with ammo in the magazine? If so that's probably what the problem is. The mag spring is worn out and not feeding/ejecting properly.
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    Greetings and Salutations.

    I'm going to copy your post to the Gunsmithing Forum.
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