Total Newb. Here to learn. Please don't make fun of me, lol.
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Thread: Total Newb. Here to learn. Please don't make fun of me, lol.

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    Default Total Newb. Here to learn. Please don't make fun of me, lol.

    I am exactly what the title says. Total "newb," in other words, a newbie. I'm also an artist, writer, script writer, and movie maker that really likes incorporating guns into their work. You guys probably hate on my kind of people, LOL. I have come here to learn more about how guns work, their terminology, and how to use one. But you've been warned. I am a legit newbie. I even bought a book online that was supposed to be written for people who know nothing about guns called: "The Gun Guide For People Who Know Nothing About Firearms" by Steven Gregersen. I read it all, and while it was very informative and enjoyable, it wasn't basic enough! I don't need a "Guns for Dummies" book. I need a "Guns for Idiots" book.

    Now, I did NOT grow up heavily exposed to guns (my parents had some for self-defense, but I never shot them until I was in college). So therefore, I'm clueless. My uncles are gun-crazy, but I don't know them well enough to give them a phone call and ask my questions.

    How I feel toward guns? Guns actually make me a bit nervous since I've not been taught about them. But all this aside, I do firmly believe we should all be able to own guns! Just because I'm into the liberal arts and movie-making doesn't mean I'm anti-gun, believe it or not, lol.

    So here I am. Here to learn. I read the group rules, and I am worried that some of my questions might come across as "trolling," because some of my questions will be asking for specifics about hypothetical scenarios. And since I know nothing about guns, I may or may not phrase my questions right. I'm not trolling. I'm honestly just here to learn. And I'm gun-stupid so it will sound probably stupid--although I promise that I will try my best to do my own research prior to posting any of these questions.

    While I'm posting here, I might as well ask if there are any good books for newbs like me. I just need to understand more. The book I read was great--just wish it went into a little more depth since I'm a dumb reader--but I need more knowledge on the subject.

    Thanks in advance. Peace.
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    Hello and welcome. Thanks for your honesty. Book wise i can not help. I grew up around firearms. Hang out and ask questions. That is part of learning. Hang out at a gun club too and get to know folks and learn from them too.
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    Greetings and Salutations

    Lookie here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    Welcome from Florida.......ask away!
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    Welcome from NC!

    We were all "newbs" at one point or another. Just be respectful and open-minded and we will be the same.
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    Welcome from NW Iowa! Good folks to learn from here.
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    Welcome from New Jersey!
    We don’t make fun of any “Newbs” that are here for the right reasons. That being said, You’re funny looking, Who cut your hair? Don’t you have any clothes from this decade?
    Ask anything you need to know.

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    Hello from Central Texas.
    Ask what you want. But always take internet answers with a grain of salt.
    Your local gun shop and shooting ranges are a good start as well.

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    GET OFF MY LAWN!!! (I recently turned 60 and just wanted to yell that at someone LOL)

    Actually welcome! I'm pretty much in the same boat as you as I didn't grow up around guns and just got my permit a few years ago. Lots of good information on this board and people always willing to help.
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    To all on these forums who've served - a big THANK YOU!!!

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