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Thread: New guy here, but not to guns. Ex military

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    Yeah finally have the time to get my ccw renewed. When it rains it pours. Got the carbine lower for my 16" grendel. My 10.5" .300bo is on the pistol lower. Now all I need to do is upgrade. Got a couple other weapons as well. A Tanfoglio Witness .40. May get a Jericho 941f 9mm. Want a CZ. In .40, 10mm or .45. First nice used I have the money for I'm snagging it. Then I want a 1911 .45. Then all will be right in my world. After that a Sig and maybe a glock.

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    How do you like the Grendel? It has become a real favorite for me in the AR or the CZ527. Good shooting cartridge. I have a a P-07 in .40, and it seems CZ stopped making .40’s in that model now; maybe not enough demand.

    ”Then all will be right in my world.” Sure it will...until the next gotta have comes up! I notice right after that you said, “after that a Sig and maybe a Glock.” And maybe a ......?
    Knowing when and how...

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    You need to work on dividing up a long post like that, by using some paragraphs and white space. It was hard to read the post..

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